Silicone Foam

BISCO-MF1® foam is a silicone foam, which meets all flame, smoke and toxicity standards for rail and bus. It is used as a topper pad or full depth cushion foam.

BISCO MF1® Silicone Foam

MF1® "bun stock" is used primarily as cushioning, padding, insulation, and it is also incorporated into MFSaf-t-Matt™ institutional bedding products. Rogers Corporation's proprietary process and patented chemical formulations make it possible to manufacture MF1® silicone foam in thickness' greater than 4 inches (100mm) and densities as low as 5 lbs/cu ft. (80 kg/m3) BISCO's MF1® silicone foam is structurally resilient with low compression set and 100% "spring back" memory, which is supported by a 10 year guarantee.

After 1,000,000 cycles of "Jounce and Squirm" fatigue test, MF1® silicone foam did not show any noticeable deformations. Rogers Corporation provides a 10 year warranty for material and workmanship on all MF1® silicone foam cushioning material.

Standard Silicone Foam

Further information on the performance properties are typical of MF1®-6535, MF1®-8055, MF1®-9575, MFSiltec™ and MFSiltec™-HD low density, modified closed cell silicone foam is available upon request

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