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Feb 15 - Underground Trial for CCTV
Posted on 03 11 15 15:37:49

Completed trials with our FFCCTV system on underground network resulting in recommendation to fit to new rolling stock from management team.

Oct 15 - RSSB
Posted on 03 11 15 15:46:32

Presented both our FFCCTV and Head Up Display system to the RSSB resulting in great interest and the encouragement to move the project forward. Further presentation booked for November.

January 15 - Fire Testing
Posted on 03 11 15 15:33:41

Completed indicative fire testing of Expancore floor panel to BS6853 Cat 1a with excellent results

Aug 15 - FGW Trial
Posted on 03 11 15 15:41:38

Completed trials with High Speed Train from Bristol to Paddington in daylight and return at night. Both day and night recording a great success.

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