Composite Floor

LiteExPan– an ultra light weight, fire-proof and water-proof panel


Important market requirements

• Low heat transmission for insulation and at fire

• Low heat transmission for insulation in use

• Environmental considerations at sourcing

• Environmental considerations at recycling

• Withstand changes in climate conditions

Advantages of using LitExPan

• Low cost of materials

• Low cost for the production of floor

• Low cost for the installation

• Low cost of the maintenance

• Integrated heating system

• Large size panels

• Low weight

• Low sound transmission

• Low tendency to smoke and fire

• Low energy content


LiteExPan panels have been developed by CBG for applications in the transportation industry, especially in the area of public transportation where requirements for fire resistance are very demanding for all materials. In particular, the fire resistance of structural materials such as wall panels, ceiling panels or floor panels are of high significance for the overall safety of the passengers. These structural materials, however, have to be very light and at the same time reduce the overall weight and energy consumption of the particular transportation vehicle. LiteExPan will meet all the specific fire test and load test requirements demanded by the customer.

For this challenging application LiteExPan panels are made of composite materials, glass fibres are embedded in a unique fire-proof resin and manufactured on a fully automated production line. This specialised resin is made of renewable organic products and, hence, resulting in a “green” footprint for the product. To achieve an extremely light but very stiff material LiteExPan utilises expanding core technology.


LiteExPan® licensed technology



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